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The committee meets four times a year to discuss matters such as past and future meetings, Society news and the Group's finances. We currently have a committee of ten dedicated members, but new volunteers are always welcome. The committee is voted for at the Annual General Meeting in October.

If you have any item you wish the committee to discuss please speak to David at the next meeting, or contact us through the website. 

Committee members for the 2020/2021 year as voted for at the 2020 Annual General Meeting are as follows:

  • Mr Peter Jones (President)
  • Dr Robert Amos (Chairman & Joint Show Secretary)
  • Dr David Livermore (Hon. Secretary)
  • Mr Steven Squires (Treasurer)
  • Mr Roger Cove
  • Mrs Jasmine Dorricott
  • Mrs Elizabeth Livermore (Webmaster)
  • Mrs Elsie Willett (Joint Show Secretary)

If you would like to volunteer to join the committee, please speak to any member of the committee. Volunteers do not have to be members of the Alpine Garden Society, but they do have to be a member of the Bedfordshire Group. Anyone wishing to take up an office must belong to the Society and the Group. The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting. Anyone seeking to hold an office must belong to the national Society.

The holders of the offices of Hon. Secretary and Treasurer must be approved by Pershore before taking on the role. Both David and Tony have been sanctioned by the head office. The posts of Show Secretary and Webmaster do not have to be held by committee members. In the event that these posts are not held by committee members, the officers are allowed to attend committee meetings when items on the agenda are relevant to their role. These two posts are not voted for, but approval is gained from the Group at the Annual General Meeting.

The Group's President is currently Mr Peter Jones. The post of President is proposed for by the committee and agreed at the Annual General Meeting. This role is a lifetime position and the one who holds it does not have to be a member of the committee, although they are permitted to attend committee meetings. They must be a member of the Alpine Garden Society and the Bedfordshire Group. The same applies for the position of Vice Presidents, which is currently held by Mr Cecil Tanner and Mrs Elsie Willett.

More information about what is involved in being on the committee can be found in the AGS Bedfordshire Group Committee Handbook:

Committee handbook