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The following pictures were taken during a 7 night (6 day) holiday in early July 2007 based in the little village of Grindelwald in the heart of the Jungfrau region in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland.


Travel around the area is easy using the excellent integrated transport system combining railways, buses, cablecars, funiculars and gondolas.


Day 1 - Gondola to Mannlichen and walk to Kleine Scheidegg


Anemone narcissiflora, Mannlichen DSC_0008

Anemone narcissiflora


Aster alpinus, Mannlichen DSC_0018

Aster alpinus


Trollius europaeus, Mannlichen DSC_0014-1

Trollius europaeus

Campanula barbata, Mannlichen DSC_0088

Campanula barbata


Campanula rotundifolia, Mannlichen DSC_0064

Campanula rotundifolia


Cerastium tomentosum, Mannlichen DSC_0015

Cerastium tomentosum

Gentiana acaulis, Mannlichen DSC_0027

Gentiana acaulis


Gentiana acaulis, Mannlichen DSC_0048

Gentiana acaulis

Gentiana bavarica, Mannlichen DSC_0024-1

Gentiana bavarica

Pulsatilla alpina, Mannlichen DSC_0036

Pulsatilla alpina


Pulsatilla seedhead, Bachalpsee-Bort DSC_0264

Pulsatilla seedheads

Pulsatilla seedheads, Mannlichen DSC_0014

Pulsatilla seedheads

Gentiana verna, Mannlichen DSC_0008-1

Gentiana verna


Trollius europaeus, Mannlichen DSC_0012-1

Trollius europaeus

Viola lutea, Mannlichen DSC_0073

Viola lutea

Viola, Mannlichen DSC_0012




Day 2 - Cable car to Wengen and walk to Lauterbrunnen


Mountain railway, Wengen DSC_0093

Mountain railway

Orchid, Wengen-Lauterbrunnen DSC_0129




Day 3 - Gondola to First and walk to Bachalpsee and back via Bort


Eiger from First DSC_0141

Eiger from First

Gentiana bavarica, First DSC_0199

Gentiana bavarica


Gentiana bavarica, First DSC_0145

Gentiana bavarica


Linaria alpina,First DSC_0167

Linaria alpina

Viola and Gentiana, First DSC_0178

Viola and Gentiana

Campanula barbata, Bachalpsee-Bort DSC_0255

Campanula barbata

Lilium martagon, Bachalpsee-Bort DSC_0271

Lilium martagon

Soldanella alpina, Bachalpsee-Bort DSC_0218a

Soldanella alpina

Sempervivum montanum, Bachalpsee-Bort DSC_0252

Sempervivum montanum

Saxifraga paniculata, First DSC_0187

Saxifraga paniculata

Orchid, Bachalpsee-Bort DSC_0280



Day 4 - Train up to Schynige Platte Alpine garden


Schynige Platte DSC_0310

Schynige Platte


Sempervivum arachnoideum, Schynige Platte DSC_0346

Sempervivum arachnoideum

Sempervivum tectorum, Schynige Platte DSC_0282

Sempervivum tectorum

Silene exscapa, Schynige platte DSC_0351

Silene exscapa


Nigritella rhellicani


Pseudorchis albida


Day 5 - Cable car to Murren





Euphrasia sp

Meadow, Murren DSC_0023

Meadows near Murren


Day 6 - By train to Wengeralp




Gentiana lutea, Wengernalp DSC_0055

Gentiana lutea sp

Gentiana lutea, Wengernalp DSC_0057

Gentiana lutea



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