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The Next Meeting:


Our next meeting is on Monday 1st August, when Tim Ingram, of Copton Ash Nursery in Kent, will be talking about “Alpines and Perennials for Dry Gardens”. He will also be bringing plants from his nursery for sale.  


Although no longer required by law, we still encourage you to continue to wear a face covering if you can as a courtesy to other people, and to keep a safe distance from non-family members.


If possible, please have the exact money ready (£2 for members, £3 for visitors, free for children and students). We should be able to provide change if necessary, and as far as possible this will be with clean untouched coins. We regret we won’t have a card machine so you can’t pay by contactless card. If you are totally cashless, it may be possible for you to pay online by prior arrangement with the Treasurer.







1st November 2021

Liz Livermore

Chile – A Botanical Adventure

6th December 2021

Kurt Vickery

A Tulip hunter’s favourite weeds: highlights of 10 years of tour leading

15th Feb 2022

Arthur Nicholls

Spring in Kyrgyzstan   Zoom presentation

7th March 2022

Tommy Tønsberg

Gardens and garden plants of Norway

4th April 2022

Joe Sharman

The Flowers of Mount Olympus

9th May 2022

Diane Clement

The Narrow Road to the Deep North - Travels in Japan

6 June 2022

Andrew Mayo

Discovering Downunder - From the Alpines of Victoria to the Spectacular South West

4th July 2022


Outdoor meeting

1st August 2022

Tim Ingram

Alpines and Perennials for Dry Gardens

5th September 2022

Tony Goode

Hilary's view (Vaud Alps)

3rd October 2022