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The Next Meeting:


Our next meeting is on Monday 6th September at 7.30pm for 8pm when Bruce Bennett will be talking to us on ‘The Wildflowers of Southern Cyprus’. Bruce and his wife Sally have travelled extensively in Europe not only looking at flowers but at the birds as well and recording them with his superb photographs.  

There will be no monthly competition again as we are approaching the “tail-end” of the competition year. But we expect to resume in November when we start our new “season”.


This meeting will be a little different from usual whilst we feel our way back to normality. Most legal regulations will have been lifted and the emphasis is now on personal responsibility.

The hall encourages us to have socially-distanced seating, but there is no longer a maximum number permitted in the hall. So the seats will be spaced out a bit more than usual, whilst still allowing for couples or people who have ‘bubbled’ to sit together.


We will have increased ventilation – its summer so having windows and an exit door open should not be an issue. There will be a one-way system to prevent people going out of the hall passing people queuing for entrance. The exit will be through the fire door at the back of the hall. If you wish to use the “bathroom”, you should either go before coming into the hall, or leave via the exit route and back in again. At the end of the meeting, everyone will be leaving so you can use the normal entrance doors.


If possible, please have the exact money ready (£2 for members, £3 for visitors, free for children and students). We should be able to provide change if necessary, and as far as possible this will be with clean untouched coins. We regret we won’t have a card machine so you can’t pay by contactless card. If you are totally cashless, it may be possible for you to pay online by prior arrangement with the Treasurer.

There will be tea and coffee available along with a selection of individually wrapped biscuits. Two people maximum in the kitchen please and don’t crowd the serving area.


We won’t have a raffle or a plant and photo competition for a while but are planning to bring the latter back in the autumn, albeit in a slightly different format.







6th September 2021

Bruce Bennett

Wildflowers of Southern Cyprus

4th October 2021