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Just a little taste of what you might have seen if we had been able to hold our show this year. For larger versions as a single PDF file click HERE. And if you have Microsoft Power Point or software to view a Power Point Show click HERE.

Corydalis Beth Evans  8840.jpg

Corydalis 'Beth Evans' - Bruce Bennett

Corydalis cheilanthifolia 8849.jpg

Corydalis cheilanthifolia - Bruce Bennett


Corydalis George Baker  8843.jpg

Corydalis ‘George Baker’ - Bruce Bennett


Cyclamen rhodium ssp peloponnesiacum 8787.jpg

Cyclamen rhodium ssp peloponnesiacum - Bruce Bennett


Fritillaria meleagris 8821.jpg

Fritillaria meleagris  - Bruce Bennett


Lithodora zhanii  8835.jpg

Lithodora zahnii  - Bruce Bennett


N. bulbocodium Golden Bells 8829.jpg

Narcissus bulbocodium ‘Golden Bells’ - Bruce Bennett


Narcissus cordubensis  8807.jpg

Narcissus compressus - Bruce Bennett


P marginata in barrow   8853.jpg

Primula marginata in barrow  - Bruce Bennett


P. vulgaris Avondale  8789.jpg

Primula vulgaris ‘Avondale’  - Bruce Bennett


Sax oppositifolia  8855.jpg

Saxifraga oppositifolia  - Bruce Bennett


Soldanella Spring Symphony  8878.jpg

Soldanella ‘Spring Symphony’ - Bruce Bennett


Trillium chloropetalum  8812.jpg

Trillium chloropetalum - Bruce Bennett


Wheel barrow from SW  8851.jpg

Rock Garden in a Wheelbarrow - Bruce Bennett

IMG_3896_Hepatica japonica 'Tenjinbai'.JPG

Hepatica japonica 'Tenjinbai'  - David Livermore


IMG_3897_Ozothamnus selago.JPG

Ozothamnus selago - David Livermore


IMG_3899_Sempervivum calcareum 'Mrs Giuseppi'.JPG

Sempervivum calcareum ‘Mrs Giuseppi' - David Livermore


IMG_3900_Sempervivum calcareum 'Pink Pearl'.JPG

Sempervivum calcareum ‘Pink Pearl' - David Livermore

IMG_3902_Saxifraga 'Sissi'.JPG

Saxifraga  Sissi' - David Livermore


IMG_3903_Saxifraga 'Gregor Mendel'.JPG

Saxifraga  Gregor Mendel' - David Livermore

IMG_3904_Primula x allionii 'Clarence Elliott'.JPG

Primula x allionii ‘Clarence Elliott' - David Livermore


IMG_3905_Sedum spathulifolium 'Capo Blanco'.JPG

Sedum spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco ' - David Livermore


IMG_3906_Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black'.JPG

Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black’ - David Livermore


IMG_3909_Rebutia 'Apricot Ice'.JPG

Rebutia ‘Apricot Ice’ - David Livermore


IMG_3914_Muscari armeniacum 'Siberian Tiger'.JPG

Muscari armeniacum 'Siberian Tiger’ - David Livermore



Primula 'Milkmaid' - Robert Amos


Iris suaveolens - Robert Amos


Corydalis solida, selected form ex. own seed copy.jpg

Corydalis solida, selected form ex. own seed

Steven Squires

Cyclamen coum copy.jpg

Cyclamen coum - Steven Squires


Daphne x 'Tichbourne' copy.jpg

Daphne x 'Tichbourne' - Steven Squires

Draba rosularis ex seed sown 2019 copy.jpg

Draba rosularis ex seed sown 2019 - Steven Squires


Iris graeberiana ex. seed sown 2015 copy.jpg

Iris graeberiana ex. seed sown 2015 - Steven Squires

Narcissus obesa, ex. seed sown 2017 copy.jpg

Narcissus obesus  ex. seed sown 2017 - Steven Squires


Primula 'Aire Mist' copy.jpg

Primula 'Aire Mist' - Steven Squires

Primula 'Broadwell Milkmaid' copy.jpg

Primula 'Broadwell Milkmaid' - Steven Squires


Primula frondosa, ex. seed sown 2018 copy.jpg

Primula frondosa, ex. seed sown 2018 -  Steven Squires

Primula marginata 'Beatrix Lascaris' copy.jpg

Primula marginata 'Beatrix Lascaris' - Steven Squires


Primula marginata 'Kesselrings Variety' copy.jpg

Primula marginata 'Kesselrings Variety' - Steven Squires


Saxifraga longifolia copy.jpg

Saxifraga longifolia - Steven Squires


Saxifraga marginata copy.jpg

Saxifraga marginata - Steven Squires


Saxifraga 'Sissi' copy.jpg

Saxifraga 'Sissi' - Steven Squires


Bergenia Rosi Klose (1).JPG

Bergenia 'Rosi Klose' - Andrew Mayo

Bergenia Rosi Klose (2).JPG

Bergenia 'Rosi Klose' - Andrew Mayo



Saxifraga x apiculata - Jane Baines


Trillium chloropetalum - Andrew Mayo



Anemonella & Anemone ranunculoides - Andrew Mayo


Primula 'Avondale' - Andrew Mayo



Caltha palustris - Andrew Mayo

Arisaema sikokianum - Elsie Willett